What is Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy?

July 24, 2021
Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is an all-encompassing term that abides by digital channels such as content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and so on, to create complicated strategies to reach and connect with prospects and customers. An average user impoverishes content via television, computer, tablet, smartphone, radio, and other traditional digital media. This constant exposure to various types of media has accompanied information overload, further complicating the buyer’s journey. Digital marketing has acquiesced brands to stay significant by making themselves noticeable through different digital channels and touchpoints. On the other hand, a digital marketing strategy abides by the strategic use of select digital channels to reach your marketing and company intention. A digital marketing strategy can be a comprehensive plan that covers how different digital marketing channels will be pre-owned throughout the marketing funnel or can consist of a channel-specific action plan that abutment the main strategy.

Importance of digital marketing strategy in business outcome

A well-defined digital marketing strategy benefits prospects to navigate the buyer’s journey. It facilitates organizations to connect with and influence users at every possible touchpoint. Some of the reasons why a digital marketing strategy drives business results are such as –

. The benefit you deliver a personalized experience

Salesforce found that nearly 53% of customers always expect personalized offers, and nearly 62% expect brands to anticipate their needs. This also made AI crucial for the companies across industries looking for a better customer experience. Digital marketing channels acquiesce you to segment your target audience based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic characteristics. You can also characterize segments based on their interests, purchase patterns, and product usage. The refined segmentation also acquiesces you to deliver a personalized experience via email marketing. Although digital marketing may not be as personalized as email marketing. It allows you to deliver your message to the right audience through targeting methods such as remarketing and lookalike audiences. 

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. Acquiesce you to track the ROI accurately 

Gone are the days where you had spent a massive budget on print, radio, and billboard advertising without the certainty that they are bringing in any money. Digital marketing platforms have disclosed to the point where they are sophisticated enough to benefit you to identify how much revenue each platform is contributing. The digital advertising medium is especially powerful here as it acquiesces plenty of metrics to track your Ad spend. Besides this, various attribution models acquiesce you to measure the impact of each customer touchpoint.

. Administer you the flexibility to tweak your activities 

Digital marketing is flexible. You can scale up or down the digital marketing activities positioned on their output. By optimizing the better-performing avenues, you can administer your expenditure efficiently. Apart from all these tweaks and turns can be performed on the go.  

Benefits of digital marketing for businesses

Digital marketing incorporates the best of the inbound and outbound marketing such as push and pull strategies. Some of the key benefits of employing digital marketing for business growth are such as –

. Measurability 

When you launch a marketing campaign via traditional means, it is impossible to gauge its impact unless you are providing some sort of coupon code, which will be emulated in the sales figures. On the other hand, pick any digital marketing avenue, and you will get a sophisticated analytics capability. You can measure the encounter through impressions, clicks, traffic, and sales. Depending on the attribution model you have implemented, you can also recognize how each touchpoint has contributed to the sales. This measurability acquiesces the marketers to understand what is working and fix what is not working. 

. Sophisticated targeting 

Traditional media ensue the carpet-bombing approach, in which everyone gets the same message. Modern marketing avenues acquiesce you to tweak the message depending on the audience’s persona. Digital marketing channels acquiesce you to target your ideal buyer precisely. Digital marketing also acquiesces your ideal buyers to find you. Through content marketing and SEO efforts, a challenge will enter a query in a search engine to find you. With digital advertising, you can target users positioned on their gender, age group, interests, education, location, psychographics, etc. You can zero in as much as you want, or you can keep it diverse and target a larger group depending on your marketing goals. 

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. Refine on the go

There is no space for course correction when it comes to conventional marketing. Once your Ad is engraved in the newspaper, it is out. With digital marketing, you can twist things on the glide. If you do not see a particular Ad copy not bringing the results, you can tweak it or you can reallocate the budget according to what is happening at that moment. This flexibility ensures that your digital marketing efforts are always managed accurately.


Digital marketing is a vast discipline. You require to integrate digital marketing into your marketing strategy piece by piece. If you are short on Ad budget, you can start with organic content, SEO, and social media. Or if you are looking for quick results and are consenting to spend a large sum of money, then digital marketing is your go-to channel. If you have already realized digital marketing, find how you can improve your current digital marketing strategy. It all depends on your requirements, your resource pool, and your marketing budget.

By Andrew

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