Marketing with LinkedIn is a New Normal

July 15, 2021
Marketing with LinkedIn

With physical networking on hold, how to build and nurture our business relationships has changed adequately. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is a great place to network virtually, encourage new connections, and advertise your brands. This past year, LinkedIn has released several advancements to their platform to assist businesses and professionals to reach their marketing goals. These beneficial LinkedIn marketing tools are feasible for every business size and type. From small to large enterprises and from B2B to B2C business enterprises. In other words, do not try to contrivance the marketing strategies that worked for you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and you require it to treat it like that for better understanding results. Some of the most effective LinkedIn marketing strategies that will endeavor you for marketing with LinkedIn are such as –

Creating a compelling company page 

Having a fantastic business page where people can visit to learn more about your company and culture is a prerequisite on any social platform, including LinkedIn. LinkedIn company pages are like Facebook business pages enthusiastic to individual companies, organizations, and institutions. These pages are discoverable by LinkedIn users. They follow them to stay updated with company posts, job vacancies, and major announcements. If you have not created a company page for your business on LinkedIn. Then you are leaving a lot of followers, potential customers, and great talents on the table. If you already have spawned a company page, then make sure that your target audience finds it useful and informative.

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Focus on search, video, and paid social 

In the future, marketers want to provide more in three areas such as – in search, online video and paid social. They see little in the areas of online display, webinars, account-based marketing, and TV advertising. In the future, savings will be made at events and trade fairs as well as in out-of-home areas. The marketing managers cite a lack of live events, a lack of leads and sales as well as a lack of staff. For example, to carry out OOH campaigns and actions, as reasons for the savings. 

Ad-Buy and social media migrate in-house

To save further and become more compelling, many marketing decision-makers are planning to cover several areas in-house in the future. In addition, new technologies should benefit you to save costs through automation. The top 3 areas that should be carried out in the company itself in the future are –

. Event planning

. Traditional and buying

. Social media strategy

In the B2B area, decision-makers adopt to take over the event planning themselves (60% B2B to 45% B2C) and reduce the costs of search engine advertising through technology. In the B2C sector, marketers influence to focus on their own social media strategy and improved talent acquisition.

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Sharing rich media content 

LinkedIn encourages you to share a variety of content (such as images, videos, pdfs, docs, and text posts) both on your profile and company page. Videos and documents are arguably one of the best forms of content for B2B lead generation. This might be because videos and documents (such as pdf, worksheets, and docs) endeavor you to showcase your company expertise in an interactive manner which builds brand credibility and aids you to win the trust of your prospective customers.

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Turn employees into influencers

In the B2B industry, you require influencers who can back their allegation by their experience and expertise. Not just by the number of followers on their social media profiles. Usually, B2B influencers are the decision-makers in the industry like CEOs, CMO, and others sitting on the higher authority level of successful companies. Now, confiscating them to speak for your brand can be a tough call. This is why influencers need to rise from their organization to talk about the achievement of the company, technology, services, and customer success stories. 

Moreover, according to LinkedIn, content shared by employees has 2x higher engagement versus when shared by a company and the salespeople who intermittently share content on LinkedIn are 45% more likely to outperform their sales target. This shows that engaging employees on LinkedIn are not just profitable for marketing and branding but the overall business growth as well. Keeping everything aside, we believe that in B2B, you cannot have a better influencer than someone from your team who believes in the product and the impact it brings to other businesses. So, instead of contemplating for influencers outside, boost your founders, executives, and other interested employees to be active on LinkedIn.

Wrapping Up

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. LinkedIn is a social media platform where your brand is not defined by the number of followers you gain. But by the quality of content and information, you share. So, when you are conceiving your LinkedIn Marketing strategy. Ensure that your prospective customers are assimilating quality information about your product services, and the industry at every stage of the B2B marketing funnel. Now you know some of the most effective LinkedIn marketing strategies that you can incorporate in your marketing strategy to expand your business.

By Andrew

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