5 Ways to Maximize Your ROI with Responsive Search Ads

February 10, 2021
Responsive Search Ads

Perhaps you have been working on an ad and finally, believe that you have created the perfect ad for your service or product. It has a catchy headline, a convincing call-to-action message, and good keywords. We feel as though our hard work is about to pay off for us. However, as time passes, you notice that your ads were as great as you thought they were. We are here to help you understand Google Responsive Search Ads so that you can see better ROI.

The benefit of Responsive Search Ads

Standard ads appeal to you and your audience, whereas a responsive search ad appeals to a much broader audience. While appealing to a larger audience, it will still appeal to their values and needs. However, they will be useless if creative content is not used. It’s important to understand the way that responsive search ads are created to identify the needs of a variety of people. If you don’t understand this, you’ll end up with wording that doesn’t let you create an ad that will convert. Not paying attention to how the responsive search ads should be crafted means you could be wasting your time. However, when done right, you can reach a wider audience, which is the ultimate goal.

Using Responsive Search Ads to Maximize Your ROI

Pay careful attention to the details of your ads. You may be trying to obtain a wider reach, which is why you have to give careful consideration to your ads. You want it to be versatile and also maintain efficacy for every variation. The use of the 5 strategies here, will help you maximize your ROI when using Responsive Search Ads.

  1. Address various searchers

Regardless of your niche, your audience will have a variety of interests, which will be piqued by various things. No single ad can address all of these, which is why a single responsive search ad is so important. It can include the various assets that a variety of people might be interested in.

  1. Diversify Your Ad Copy

When addressing a variety of needs, it’s also important to avoid being redundant. Don’t create a bunch of headlines that have calls to action without a purpose. Consider how your ad copy can complement the other description lines and headlines.

  1. Use Google Ad Strength Tool

This tool will let you know how good your ad is doing. When you select ‘edit’ on a responsive search ad (RSA), you’ll see your Google ad rating. It even offers suggestions based on ad assets. It will help you determine when you need to abandon an ad and create a new one.

  1. Adjust KPIs

To Increase impressions, your RSAs must produce a good outcome. When your RSAs produce more inquiries and users than a traditional ad, your ads will reach a larger audience and you’ll receive more impressions. When this occurs you may have to rethink your KPIs, such as click-through rates.

  1. Choose the Best Combinations

You should use both RSAs and traditional ad copy. Keeping a good amount of combinations will garner better results overall.

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