7 easy steps to Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy

February 10, 2021
Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform with more than two billion users a month. If you want your business to stand out among the millions of businesses that utilize the platform, you’ll need a great Facebook marketing strategy. Facebook ads are one of the most important tools for a small business’s marketing strategy. However, they won’t be very effective until they include the right content and without the right ads. Let us discuss the 7-steps for a successful Facebook marketing strategy. You can follow them all or choose which ones will suit your needs.

  1. Set Goals

The first thing that you’ll want to do is set goals. It is highly unlikely that you’ll find much success unless you know what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to gain brand awareness, boost engagement, generate leads from Facebook business pages, or increase website traffic? When you have decided what your goals are, you can start to make adjustments to your marketing strategy, as needed. Your Facebook marketing strategy will look different from anyone else’s, as you are likely to have different goals and different audiences. We recommend using the SMART strategy, set marketing goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

If you are not reaching your target audience, your Facebook marketing initiatives will prove unsuccessful. Reaching the right audience is crucial to your success. When you have just a general idea of who your target audience is, you can begin building your audience Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. Create Your Facebook Marketing Budget

You have to spend money to make money. This includes spending money on your Facebook ads, and posts. Your Facebook marketing budget will likely include page-like ads, lead generation ads, content, and boosted posts.

  1. Create Engaging Content

After setting your goals and your budget, you are now ready to create your Facebook content and start posting on your page. We suggest you plan your posts a month in advance and design a regular posting schedule. This will enable you to diversify the posts, plan for upcoming events, and be consistent.

  1. Plan Equally Engaging Ads

You can adopt the same formula for creating post content, for your Facebook ads. Use clear, bright images, and videos that convey your brand messaging. Follow Facebook ad rules when posting ads with images and videos.

  1. Daily Monitoring

You’ll need to monitor your posts and your ads daily to determine how to tweak them. You’ll also need to respond as quickly as possible to inquiries and messages on your Facebook Messenger. Daily monitoring allows you to see any scheduled posts or ad content that is not properly posted.

  1. A/B Split Test

Once you have started implementing your Facebook marketing strategy, it has to be continuously monitored. An effective Facebook marketing plan uses an A/B split testing. This involves comparing small variations of your plan to determine what works best.

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