Trending 9 SEO Hacks No One Talks About

December 06, 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a benefit that keeps on giving if you get it right. In this article, we have scouted some SEO Hacks methods that work for real so that you do not have to sweat them out. So, have a look at some of the best SEO hacks that no one will talk about you such as –

Prepare for the voice search revolution | SEO Hacks

50% of all searches worldwide will be coming from the voice search implemented using virtual assistants such as Google, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. So, you better start optimizing for voice search by concentrating on creating pieces of content that answer questions about your niche, products, and services. You can identify these questions by using online tools such as the Answer the Public, Google Trends, and the People Also ask section in Google search. 

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Using social media for keyword research | SEO Hacks

We cannot affirm enough how crucial building a brand presence on social media marketing is. This does not just give you an identity on the internet but also benefits you with SEO rankings more than you can imagine. Some immediate things to do for keyword research on social media are –

. Looking for trending hashtags/topics on Twitter for your content creation.

. Check out trending topics on Instagram (i.e. hashtags, topical content, etc.).

. Using Google search as social media – look for keywords appearing in autofill while adding keywords to your content strategy.

. LinkedIn hashtags and their content recommendations are also an enormous place to look for topics and keywords your industry is discussing.

Using free SEO tools | SEO Hacks

This SEO growth hack may sound pretty accessible, but it is surprising how many startup entrepreneurs avoid free SEO tools. So, take asset of these incredible free SEO hacking tools in 2021, and save more money. Some of the most trusted free SEO tools are such as –

. Google Keyword Planner This tool is used to research new keywords.
. Google Analytics This tool is used to discover which web pages are performing well and which ones are not. 
. Webmaster Tool This tool is used to get valuable information for your search marketing efforts.
. Google Search Console This tool is used to troubleshoot, improve, and monitor your presence in the Google search result. Plus, you can keep an eye on reports for URL errors.
. SemRush  This tool allows you to monitor your website as well as your competitor’s website.
. Yoast SEO – This tool serves as an all-in-one SEO suite for WordPress websites. 
. SEO Analyzer Tool  This tool lets you compare your website SEO efforts on your top three competitors.

The secret to nailing SEO

SEO may be specialized but deep down, it is all about breathable, human content. No amount of hacks or tricks can benefit you if you do not endeavor to value or create quality content on the internet. Value and quality can be intuitive. 

Using the skyscraper technique

This best SEO hack benefits you by creating enormous content by leveraging what is previously published online for your industry. You make a more accomplished piece of content that can defeat your competitors. Some of the SEO Hacks techniques that will work for this are such as –

. Finding the blog posts or any content that relates to your business or any topic that you had like to write about – posts that rank high on Google’s first page.

. See how you can enhance the pieces of content you have found – can you create more thorough content? Can you provide more up-to-date findings? Whether you can build a better design, and so on?

. Creating a better version of the pieces of content you have found and ensure that you stick to the same topic and keywords. 

. Publish that article and share it on various social media platforms for the world to see. 

Using viral words in your title tag

Your title tag is the first impression that people get of your webpage. So it is very crucial to put the right thing in it so that you can allure them in. Certain words may attract people more to your website, which in turn can makes your page rank more in the search engine results. You can acknowledge this on your own. Take any number of topics and pursuit them on Google. You will find that all the top results frequently contain certain words. These may include words such as “top”, “best”, “guide”, “news”, “review”, etc. Using such words in your title and Meta description will benefit you rise through the SERPs.

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Finding long-tail keywords from the unconventional sources

You might think that the only way to acquisition long-tail keywords is to use keyword generators and keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner. However, there are many other ways by the benefit of which you can find popular long-tail keywords directly from the search engine such as –

. You can type in your primary keyword or search term into the search bar. Once you type in this, you will notice a bunch of search predictions that will appear. These predictions are based on common organic search terms that comprise the primary keyword. You can employ them in your piece of content to pull the said traffic. 

. You can look for long-tail keywords in the related searches that you will find at the bottom of the SERPs. They too show you things people are seeking along the same vein.

Monitoring the conversation in social media and forums to uncover valuable keywords

Forums and various other social media hubs can be your goldmine for relevant keywords that your competitors know nothing about. So, before they start observing the keywords your target market has been adopting, stay ahead by looking for intermittent mentions and frequent questions from your ideal customers. Find a way to create content and publish it instantly on your website. This SEO hack will rank you on top of the SERPs for the peculiar keywords that your asset and benefit you to build your authority in your industry by answering questions and providing advantageous information to your community online. 

Building backlinks through link roundups and resource page

Backlinks are one of the top indicators that Google uses to judge the authoritativeness and reliability of your website and webpage. The more backlinks you have, the better your website will implement. However, it can be extremely challenging to earn backlinks, especially for people who are just starting. One of the best ways to gain external links is through link roundups and resources pages. Link roundups are like content directories that administer links to pages dealing with a certain topic. On the other hand, resource pages are just like record books that name the best content of all time in a category. If you can get a hold of the person running these pages, it should not be too problematic to convince them to include your page in their lists.

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Final Thought

That is how you formulate your website with the challenges that the search engines and digital market may bring this 2021. So, make sure to apply these best SEO hacks as soon as you can. If you are not too confident with doing all of these SEO growth hacks or if they seem a bit too astounding for you, then you can tap our excellent SEO services of expert SEO hacks. Trust me, it is worth your money and time.

By Andrew

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