Social Media For Startup: A Beginner’s Guide

July 12, 2021
Social Media for Startup

Whether you are starting a new startup business or have owned a successful business for years. Your company will be missing out on an untapped market potential if you fail to employ the many different types of marketing available to business owners today, including Social Media Marketing. While many businesses believe that younger generations are the sole users of social media, it is crucial to understand that all generations are engaged with social media in today’s world. When looking at the demographics of social media users, it is found that nearly 40% of adults above the age of 65 use at least one social media site, which is up by a significant 13% since 2014. 

A similar increase from 52% to 69% has occurred in the same time frame with people between the ages of 50-64. Both of these statistics demonstrate that older generations are using social media platforms at an increasing rate. However, depending on your business or company. It is crucial to understand how to target your social media users to effectively market to the intended audience. Some of the top reasons why your startup business needs a social media for a startup are such as –

Social media is where your leads are 

Modern marketing is all about decreeing new leads to feed the business pipeline. These leads, once captured, can be converted into paying the customers. Leads are substantial prospects, future customers that will benefit carry your business to the next level. But to convert leads and increase your conversion rate, you have to find them first. This is where social media comes in. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are ripe with leads. Regardless of your industry, social media networks are where most of your leads can be initiated. 

It is here that you will be adept to attract leads, pique their interest with engaging and relevant content, and convert them into sustainable customers/clients. According to Statista, of the entire population of the US alone, nearly 70% has at least one social media account. By 2021, experts believe that the number of social media users worldwide will grow to around 3.1 billion. Think about that for a minute. That is a huge market. Not all of them might be interested in whatever you are selling. But still, the majority of your target audience is surely in that huge group.

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Builds credibility 

Social Media for Startup: When your business has an established and active social media presence, it makes your brand emerge more professional and knowledgeable. This shows potential customers that others trust your brand, so they will too. This credibility can be used as a referral system to aid find new customers as well. If someone pursues your business, writes a review, shares one of your posts, or makes a post mentioning your company, their followers are feasible to take note of. To top it all off, if someone supersedes your page or interacts with your content. Some social media platforms will reveal their followers and even recommend your account to them. 

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Social media can help increase awareness for your brand 

Another excellent reason for marketing through social media is brand awareness. Social media marketing is the new SEO. With proper utilization, it can aid your business to gain visibility and therefore increase recognition for their brand. The key here is to use the platform carefully and responsibly. Your social media profile is the countenance of your brand. They are a gateway for your target audience to attain you and vice versa. By posting engaging and quality content, you are giving your target audience the convenience to get to know your brand on a more personal level. Before you know it, your followers will organically grow and they will become your brand ambassadors, representing your business by sharing your content and their own experiences with your product or services. This is how you search for more leads and build up your pool of prospects.

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Social media marketing can benefit boost your inbound traffic

Social media profiles you develop for your business are gateways for your followers to boost access to your main website. When used properly, your social media profiles can benefit from increasing your inbound traffic, which can organically improve your site ranking on search engines. Social media marketing is substantially a great complement for your SEO efforts. Think about it this way, every compelling and relevant content piece be it an article, an image, infographic, or your post on social media is simply another way to increase the daily visitors to your business site. Not all of them will buy something. However, the engagement alone will help improve your ranking on search results, and you did not even have to spend any money on it. 

Increased business relationships

Research has proved that enlarged marketing and management in business relationships bring big sales to companies. This is identified by an exchange between two or more parties. In simple terms, your site could contain information related to other businesses your clients might show interest in. 

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Growing your social media presence is significant for any business. With constant activity on social media for a startup, your business will continuously engage users to your business through network effects allowing your message to reach not only the people within your network but also the people connected to that network through second and third-degree connections. If you are the owner of a business and you are interested in working with Antigua Web Solutions to improve your social media presence. Contact our team today! 

By Andrew

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