How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign?

June 15, 2021
Create Facebook Ads

While creating up a new Facebook Ad campaign, there are a lot of moving parts. It is good to have a checklist of things to cross off so that you are not missing out on what is crucial to successfully run a Facebook Ad campaign. From targeting the right audience to creating the right assets, we will cover everything essential to successfully run a Facebook Ad campaign. Some of these steps that you need to go through to know how to create Facebook Ads are –

Creating a Facebook Ad account      

This is the foremost step while creating a successful Facebook Ad campaign. You need to create an account to start running Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads Manager, you will have the right tools to start advertising on various social media platforms. Here, you can create and monitor Ads, and see an analysis of your campaigns from desktop or mobile. This link will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how an advertiser would launch a common Ad campaign. It is a simple process to get started the Facebook Ad campaign.

Creating a Facebook Ad copy

Creating a compelling Ad text is the key for your consumer. You need to be as compelling as possible in your Ads, and it starts with an Ad copy. Three parts that go into your Facebook Ad copy are –

Ad Text – This will be your main copy of your Ad campaign, shown above your creative asset. It is always good to keep this around 1-2 sentences to keep your consumers interested.

Headline – This content shows up below to your creative asset, and next to the CTA button. A perfect headline is of around five words and can capture the reader’s attention instantly.

Line Description – This may show up right below your headline. With link descriptions, less is more. Link description is a short sentence that can describe what the user is about to click on. Once your description is added, you can add in the link that goes along with the Ad and can then move onto the next step.

Gathering all the creatives

Creatives are an imperative aspect of your Facebook Ads success. Whether you are using videos, images, gifs, etc. You need to make sure that you have the right particularization. The last thing you need to find out is that whether your creatives are incompatible with the Ad formats you determine. This might mean that you have to postpone launching your Facebook Ad campaigns.

One crucial thing to have in mind is the amount of text used in your Facebook Ad creatives. Although Facebook does not acquiesce to images with more than 20% text. So, you need to be watchful with this as too much text will lead to low to none delivery of your Facebook Ads. You can ask your graphic designer to test the amount of text on the images. Facebook has a great tool that benefits you to see whether your images adhere to the 20% text rule.

Creating your assets 

This will accompany your Facebook Ad copy. You need to create fascinating assets that will instantly capture the viewer’s attention. Whether it be a video or an image, it needs to be concise. It is best to experiment with both video and images to see what works terrific for the message you are trying to get across. Video is the king of the paid advertising in recent years, we cannot forget about compelling imagery. Once you have a few versions of video and imagery, these can be added into a mockup generator to see your Facebook Ads as a whole before plugging them into your Ads Manager. 

Creating your Ad campaign

Once you have all the creative ready to go, it is time to implement it into a Facebook Ad campaign. Once you hit the “create” button, you can select the purpose of the Ad and your budget. Facebook has 11 different purposes you can choose from. Choose a purpose based on the type of results you are looking for. Next, you need to enter in a lifetime budget or daily budget. As the budget has a tremendous impact on the results of your Facebook Ad Campaigns, so choose it wisely. Select a “Campaign Budget Optimization” to easily administer your campaign budget across Ad sets to boost your results.

Selecting your target audience

Facebook has hundreds of thousands of targeting benefits to choose from. You can exquisite an audience based on location, age, gender, work, finances, etc. You can even upload a list through custom audiences and retarget that way. Once you find an audience that is acknowledged well and showing success based on your objective, you can save these audiences for future campaigns.

Creating a Facebook Pixel

To continue with the Ad process, you need to establish a pixel to track results. The Facebook pixel is a code that is implemented on your site in a few easy steps. This pixel can benefit you to bring visitors back to your website and find new leads/customers by creating Lookalike audiences.

Finishing creating your Ads

Once you have created your audience, set your budget, and added the Facebook pixel to your website, now it is time to create your Facebook Ads and launch your Facebook Ad campaign. On the Ad creation page, you will find out the sets of Ad copy along with creative. Facebook will also give you a benefit called Dynamic Creative and takes multiple components such as images, videos, descriptions, headlines, etc. to deliver Ads that resonate well with certain audiences, and optimize to deliver economical results. If everything looks good, it is time to submit your Facebook Ads for review. If there is no problem with any Ad sets or Ads, they should be approved and launched within 24 hours.

Viewing your Ad performance and metrics

As now your Ads are launched, now you can start viewing their performance and making any optimizations necessary. Your Ads start in a learning phase, as Facebook gets to know your audience. The learning phase can last a few days, so do not panic if you are not seeing any results right away. Facebook acquiesce you to use multiple key metrics to view your campaign’s performance and reporting tools to learn about your audience and reach.


With your understanding of how to create Facebook Ads, it is time to start creating your own Facebook campaigns. Organic reach on Facebook has been compact to come by now more than ever, and as competition continues to grow on social media. So the best way to reach your audience on these platforms is through paid Facebook Ads. With that in mind, we hope you now have a better understanding of the paid Facebook advertising, and can start creating successful campaigns and reaching the right audience.

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