Email Marketing Strategies: Reasons why no one is reading out to your Marketing Emails?

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With most email users using robotic spam filters and emails getting consign directly into Gmail’s Promotions folder. The deliverability and readability of marketing emails have been discarded exceedingly. Does this mean that email marketing is losing its outline as the most efficient B2B marketing strategy? In the B2B space, the email marketing strategies have a unique set of challenges, but once you learn how to turn the shuffle blocks into stepping stones. It is still a sure-fire way to win over customers and achieve plenty of business. Below are some of the key reasons why your marketing email may not be assimilating the desired results such as –

Lack of recognition with your target audience     

A recent study from The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has acknowledged that 80% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns. Not being able to figure out your potential target audience could present a major compulsion when it comes to sending out email communications. Marketers must do their homework before transmitting out their email marketing strategies. This means designating who their target customers are, and what their needs, preferences, demographics, and psychographic characteristics might be.

No personalization

Personalization is the way forward in today’s world. Marketers can no longer wait on one size fits most approach. The open rate for emails with a personalized message was 18.8% in the year 2016 as disputed to 13.1% without any personalization, says a Statista report. The time-efficient solution for marketers is to isolate their target market into different segments. These segments are assort based on the similarity of interests, values, and preferences communal by the customers. This will benefit your design and disseminate personalized, needs-specific messages to customers and encourage the right triggers in customer’s minds.

Marketing emails are not engaging

A lot of what we are talking about right now concentrates on why people are not even opening your emails. But what if they open them and then do not read them or engage with the content? One of the big culprits for this is because you are choosing the wrong image for the email marketing or you may include no images at all. As we all know how critical images are when it comes to blog posts and social media but they do not apply this concept to email marketing strategies. Visual content is the most fascinating, and often the most compelling and this includes emails.  

Email database is out-of-date

Every database goes through considerable depreciation over some time. An outdated and underperforming database impedes your marketing campaign’s success. Email Marketing Strategies apart from this, may accompany a very poor response rate, conversion rate, and conclusively to a lesser ROI. This means marketers must make no compromises when it comes to amassing quality databases.

If you already have a database, make sure. That it is well maintained and fully up to date. So that the sales team is always set up with decisive data all the time. You may even opt for data appending services to capitalize on a reliable, accurate, and error-free database.

The unappealing subject line of marketing emails

The average office worker sends or receives about 121 emails a day, bestow to the latest report by the Radicati Group. Out of all these emails received, the likelihood of someone opening one with a cliched subject line is low. People open the emails based on the name of the sender and the subject line. An uncatchy, unclear, and misleading subject line can lead to low open rates. Apart from this, it may eventually embarrass the success of your email campaigns.

The subject line of the emails must be clear, appealing, and attractive enough to catch the receipt’s attention. Excessive use of symbols and words such as punctuation marks. Use of all caps, and misleading phrases should be neglected.    

Poor email design of marketing emails

If your target customers lack the interest to read your emails. Then this could be because due to the wrong marketing email design. As there must be something wrong with the design, look, and feel of the marketing email design. Savvy marketers should have an arsenal of attractive email templates that best overture to their target prospects. The use of logos, colors, pictures, call-to-action-buttons, and other elements should be integrated well and experimentation in the design must not be feared.

If you are seeking email marketing software with a drag and drop editor and tons of attractive templates, give Constant Contact a try! Because it is intuitive, extremely powerful, and has excellent live support, making it optimal for the beginner to transitional email marketers out there. In addition, the body of the email including the subject line must convey the expected message. You should also contemplate how many emails are open on mobile devices and enhance them for better readability accordingly. According to Litmus an email analytics report, the number of emails opened on mobile devices has risen and sits at 60% of all the emails sent.

Unknown or ambiguous sender

Nearly half of all the emails are deleted straight away if the identity of the senders is not known or appears cunning. Sending an email from emails or any other such name not appear to be genuine and will often get mark as spam by the receipts. So, using a real person’s name and email address as the sender can make an email look more authentic and authoritative. These small changes in the emails will positively impact your message deliverability and readability rates.

Your emails are not mobile-friendly

Finally, most people are checking the majority of their emails on their mobile devices. If your emails are not mobile-friendly and designed with the mobile reader in mind. Then your audience is either going to skip right over them, or open them or not end up reading them. So you need to ensure that your template is mobile-friendly. Apart from all this, you also need to ensure that your content is broken up into small, manageable paragraphs and that is it is easy on the eye including on small devices. 

Wrapping Up

Running an effective email marketing campaign is not rocket science, but it is an art. It needs careful planning and conscientious execution. Analysis out different email templates on a small group of loyal users. If you are thinking of tweaking your formatting or design to see how they acknowledge changes in the email design, subject line, or content. This will benefit you to identify the templates that best serve your email marketing purpose.

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