How Web Design and SEO work together in the business?

February 06, 2021
How Web Design and SEO works together in the business

As an owner of the business, one of the best things that you’ll be focusing on is getting people to your website. Whether the purpose of your website is to drive them to see you in-store, or you are offering your products online, it is very important to make ensure that your website is both aesthetically appealing as well as SEO friendly. Read more to know about Web Design and SEO works.

The hassle right here is that it’s hard to have one without the alternative. So, in case you were to mention, invest in a web design company to make your business look incredible, your traffic could suffer. This is because of the coding that is put into website design. It is rarely optimized to make it so that your website will bring in the traffic too. Your website also needs to be designed well. SEO and Web Design work together more logically than many people might realize.

Their components mingle and flow together so well that, when executed correctly, your website visitors find it difficult in noticing anything about the design that you have created in the website as they simply start navigating through your website. So, what are those elements where the SEO and Web Design collaborate with each other? Here are some of the ways that will help you to get started –

Define a common goal of Web Design and SEO works

The goal for the SEO team is to help a website show up better in search engine results pages (SERPs). Whereas the goal for the Web Design team is to develop an attractive, usable website for their clients.

These are great goals, but there is a disconnect between these two and the potential to fall short when both teams work autonomously. Both goals are easier to reach when the SEO and Web Design teams work together. Ideally, these goals should be in line with your overall business goals, such as generating higher revenue in your business or moving into a new market.

If such a goal does not exist, identify a goal both the teams are trying to meet, such as increased conversions, and also make sure that there is lots of communication between your teams.

Design on an SEO-friendly platform

Some design platforms help you create a beautiful website, but not one that works well with search engines. If your website has lots of flash animations then the Search Engines won’t be able to read and process most of your content since Search Engines simply cannot read the Flash.

One way to eliminate most SEO design challenges is to employ responsive web design on your website. You will only need one URL and set of codes to create a website that works across multiple devices. This, in turn, ensures your website and content appear in more searches since the search engines now prefer websites with responsive web design. Web Design and SEO works are helpful to increase traffic.

Keep the design clean and simple with Web Design and SEO works

One of the major factors that the search engines consider when ranking a website is usability and design which play a key role in it. A website that looks complicated won’t keep people around or generate conversions. But a clean and simple design will do just the opposite. So in order to generate conversions one must make sure that the page has ample blank space, attractive graphics, and a brief paragraph of text. Place calls to action in prominent areas like the end of a page to compel users to take a certain action on your website such as buying a product or signing up for the newsletter. An attractive appearance and seamless navigation will increase the conversions and time on your website, both of which will result in increased rankings over time.

Optimize every element

Web designers do not just use text for websites but they also use lots of different elements such as photos, videos, graphics, headers, footers, and other elements that all play into successful web design. You can optimize each of these elements for the search engines. Have your SEO teamwork with your web designers so as to identify the optimizable elements of each web page and optimize them appropriately.

Finding an agency that can combine SEO and Web Design

Marketing functions have to work together so as to create one cohesive strategy. Although SEO and Web Design serve two different purposes, they perform better when implemented in a more integrated fashion. Don’t just develop SEO and Web Design strategies but design a strategy that incorporates both these factors.

By Andrew

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